The Rotary Club of Thornbury
Meetings at Eastwood Park. Falfield, Gloucestershire
Rotary Wheel "Rotary Around The World"
By long-standing tradition, most - if not all - Rotarians end their meetings with the final toast "Rotary Around The World" to acknowledge that their club is just one of many tens of thousands of clubs in most countries, all of whose members share those values and objectives which were established over 100 years ago.
Every Rotary club is established in a specific locality - a village, town or district of a city or rural area - with the objective of serving that community. Its activities are most visible to the community when it fund-raises for local, national or global causes, or when it joins in community activities such as Thornbury's Carnival or Christmas lights switch-on event (pictured), or simply assists other events such as the Thornbury Round Table fireworks.
Being a Rotarian is much more than being a temporary traffic warden, a bucket-shaker or a fund-raiser for charitable causes. Each member offers his or her time, professional exper- ience and skills to his local community, whether as organiser of events, contributing personal time to local, national or international charitable projects - or even maintaining a web site!
Please explore this website to discover what Rotary has and is achieving "around the world" and in and around Thornbury. Perhaps it might encourage you to offer your services - and enjoy fun and fellowship at the same time.
Since its foundation in 1906 the Rotary movement has draw upon the time, expertise and professional contacts of its world-wide membership to fulfil its main objectives - serving society at all levels and promoting international peace and goodwill. Hundreds of millions of pounds have been raised and donated to a wide variety of environmental and medical projects in association with world-wide NGOs, governments, charitable foundations and philanthropists - most notably the campaign to rid the world of the scourge of polio.
Click here to find out more about the on-going work of Rotary and its Foundation - itself a major donor.