The Rotary Club of Thornbury
Meeting at the Ship Inn, Alveston, Gloucestershire
The Rotary Walkathon
Thornbury's Community Charity Sponsored Walk.
Mundy Playing Fields
Saturday 17th September to Saturday October 1st 2022
The Covid lockdown period severely restricted all forms of social events, including the ones which charities organise to raise funds. Our Swimarathon, for 30 years the club's main community event and fund-raiser, was twice cancelled. The 2021 Walkathon was a stop-gap attempt to at least provide a socially-distancing and fund-raising substitute.
Thanks to magnificent support from our community, more than 200 people participated and raised over £10,000. Its success has prompted the club to repeat it in 2022. It has the same format and objectives as its predecessor.
We want everyone to join in the fun and help raise money by setting themselves a walking challenge which they will complete during Thornbury Walkathon fortnight – September 17th to October 1st.
The event is free to enter and open to individuals, families, or teams of all age groups. A walking route will be marked out in The Mundy Playing Fields but you might also choose to make an alternative walk for your Walkathon challenge.
Click to find out how the event works Click to download, complete and submit an editable entry form Click for full instructions to manage your team including the forms required at the event
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